The Plumbing Industry's Greatest Modern Mistake and What is Being Done to Address It

A reliable plumbing system is something that just about anyone can appreciate, with the associated services always making life easier and more pleasant. Enjoying access to fresh, clean water and the reliable removal of certain forms of waste can come to seem like a basic right, and amenities of these kinds are certainly not to be undervalued. While many plumbing systems will provide years of service with only occasional attention or maintenance, there are some that prove to be quite a bit more problematic. This is especially the case with systems that make use of polybutylene plumbing, as this material has proved to be a major source of weakness and potential problems.

When it was first introduced to the industry, polybutylene quickly acquired a reputation as being the plumbing of the future. As the plumbing industry tends to be fairly traditional, often with good reason, a reception of that kind ought not to be minimized. The advantages of the material seemed so clear and plain to so many experts that even many of the most conservative plumbing specialists jumped aboard, making heavy use of pipes fashioned from the substance throughout the nationwide residential building boom that followed.


As a result, an estimated ten million American homes were plumbed with pipes made from this form of plastic. While everything seemed fine at first, reports of associated troubles started becoming common before a decade had passed. As more of these data points were accumulated over time, it eventually became clear that the material was simply not suited to use in plumbing, with real damage often resulting from long-term exposure to common substances like chlorine.

Fortunately, the plumbing industry responded in a responsible way, dropping the material as soon as its flaws became apparent. That still left many millions of homes serviced by plumbing that was destined to fail, often in serious ways, after enough time had passed, though.

Once again, however, the industry was able to come up with a solution. Companies like AMA Repiping LLC today take on the task of completely replacing plumbing systems of this kind and doing it in ways that do not unnecessarily interfere with the lives of their clients. While a reipe project of this type will generally involve a fair amount of work, most can be carried out with an absolute minimum of disruption. By cleverly planning, arranging, and executing all the necessary tasks, companies that handle jobs of this kind can even make sure that the residents of a home will enjoy continued access to fresh water more or less the entire time.

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